Simple buying and quoting experience for your customers

Eliminate back and forth communication in sales. Customer inquiries and quotes straight into your sales pipeline.

Increase sales by up to 486%.

Product Builder

Easy online product exploration and showroom that is custom made to fit your product’s needs.

Automatic Quote Creation

Customers play with the product builder and prepare a quote without even knowing it.

Detailed Sales Overview

Simple and intuitive deals dashboard helps your sales team prioritize next steps and grow sales.

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The right tools to solve all your sales challenges

Retailes, traders, wholesalers and complex product manufacturers benefit from CPQ and Product Builders that are built on top of an extremely powerful SaleSqueze Catalogue.


For companies with large catalogue of configurable products and options that sell to retailers and traders.

If you’re a wholesaler or a trade company that sells configurable products, you need a system to quickly create quotes and orders for your buyers. 

SaleSqueze CPQ is an easy solution for generating quotes for configurable products and can be used by your sales team or directly by your buyer. 

Product Builder

For companies selling configurable products directly to consumer or to retailers and traders.

Companies that produce medical devices, building supplies, machines and complex parts need to capture customization before purchase.

SaleSqueze Product Builder provides an amazing configuration experience that engages customers and allows them to configure the product to their needs and desires – B2B or B2C.

Our clients love the progress

SaleSqueze name je pomagal, da smo digitalizirali in avtomatizirali našo prodajo in jo povezali z ostalimi orodji v podjetju. Na ta način smo prihranili kar 80 % časa pri delu s papirji in znižali količino prejetih povpraševanj prek e-pošte za kar 90 %. Vse to z odlično uporabniško izkušnjo!

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