7 Best Product Configurators of 2021

Best Product Configurators

We live in a customer-centric era, where people expect personalized service and tailor-made products. 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience, proving the need for companies to take their customer’s unique needs into consideration.

As such, product configurator software is a crucial tool for any business in manufacturing & assembly today. You can use these tools to streamline the process, offering better quality products and a quicker turn-around. Ultimately, a product configurator will improve the buying experience, attract new customers, and drive sustainable business growth.

Read on as we explore the best product configurators and help you find the right one to grow your company. Or, alternatively, skip the reading and discuss your options by booking a meeting with one of our experts.

What Is Product Configurator Software?

A product configurator (or product configuration software) is an automation tool that enables sales reps (and end customers) to customize product specifications, speed up quote timelines, and ultimately, optimize production and sales processes.

Typically included as a tool within CPQ software, a product configuration tool handles product options, visualization, and pricing, making it easier for companies to market, sell, and manufacture their products. You can use these tools to offer customers greater choice in the manufacturing or assembly process, which will ensure the completed product is more in line with their expectations.

7 Best Product Configurators For Modern Businesses

Here are the seven best product configurators worth considering for your company in 2021:


Apttus is a multi-channel sales tool for enterprises, specifically designed to help companies by making configure, price, and quote deals quicker and more accurate.

This tool can handle complex product and pricing configurations across a range of sales channels, including telesales, partners, field, and ecommerce. Apttus CPQ is compatible with leading cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, and can integrate with CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce.

While it assists with essential tasks like contracts, billing, order management, and the Quote-to-Cash process, Apttus does not have the most user-friendly interface. It is a challenge to write complex rules without custom code, and some users report a clunky interface that involves too many steps and slow loading elements.


KBMax platform facilitates a myriad of tasks, including document creation, generation of CAD drawings, and custom pricing workflows.

It’s easy to create configuration rules with the intuitive drag-and-drop feature, and KBMax simplifies various operational aspects like branding, shipping, and terms and conditions.

This platform also contains a strong analytics component that captures user data,  giving companies insights on how to improve their service. On the downside, there is no free trial version, and you can’t access certain advanced features like 3D visualization, CRM integration, and CAD automation without paying more.


Verenia CPQ is a cloud-based suite of sales pipeline tools, including e-commerce and CRM applications. Although the CPQ application caters primarily to manufacturing businesses, it is an effective service for other industries, including retail and marketing.

You can generate product visuals according to user-specific configuration selections and set up business rules to display product options however you like. Verenia also provides functionality to process cost and pricing calculations, financial reporting, and 3D modeling. However, one caveat is that the more advanced 3D tooling is part of a separate product.


Sofon is a web-based application that supports pricing calculations, real-time product visualization, and design functions, like 2D drawing and 3D modeling.

Like the best product configurators, Sofon offers advanced reporting functionality and a wide array of integrations, as well as good customer support. Sofon is designed to help create a standardized, consistent sales process that offers a better quality buying experience.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial version available, and the program is one of the more expensive options on the market.


Salesforce may be better known for its cloud CRM software, but it also has a robust CPQ solution that can help sales reps make better recommendations for their prospects.

In addition to the standard pricing and cost features of leading product configurators, Salesforce CPQ provides reliable document management capabilities for tasks like proposal generation and contract administration. It also enables real-time product visualization, 2D drawing, and 3D modeling. Furthermore, the software is compatible on the web, iOS, and Android, which is good for sales reps on the move.

One drawback is that you need to pay for integrations and reporting. While there is a free trial available, many businesses may want more of the top-tier features, which are only available at a higher-priced subscription.


BlueprintCPQ has a smooth onboarding process that makes it quick and easy for new users to get started. Also, its flexible business rules engine adds to the user-friendly experience.

Similar to the best product configurators, this tool has comprehensive functionality for financial calculations, reporting, and real-time product visualization. It also works with multiple currencies and languages.

Although it is easy to use, advanced functions like custom reports, pre-built integrations, and electronic signatures can only be accessed when you pay for the premium subscription services.


Last but not least, SaleSqueze. We may be a relative newcomer, but that works to our advantage. We’ve taken the time to analyze the best product configurators, identify their shortcomings, and then create an all-in-one solution that gives sales reps (and their customers) exactly what they need.

Our tool generates more orders than a traditional approach, as customers can tailor offers to their needs. With a centralized data log, it’s easy for sale reps to manage customer relationships and understand each prospect’s precise, unique needs.

With the omnichannel age in mind, our tool is designed for any browser or any device. You can even embed the SaleSqueze Configurator web app into any one of your digital channels with a simple code snippet.

One of the standout features is the Sales Manager tool, which automates the quoting process and the bulk of everyday sales activities. With this, you can free your sales team to focus their time on building customer relationships through direct contact, making it easier to close deals.

Do you want to know more about how SaleSqueze can improve the customer experience at your company? Book a meeting with one of our experts.

5 Undeniable Benefits & Criteria of Using Product Configurator Software

So, what can a product configurator do for your business? Here are five advantages of the best product configurators, making it an easy choice ahead of in-house custom solutions.

Generate more leads for a stable revenue stream

If you don’t have an effective online channel for lead generation, your business will rely entirely on shows and word-of-mouth referrals. Cancellations can be hugely detrimental to your income and revenue stability.

SaleSqueze is one of the best product configurators in this respect, as it enables easy lead-generation. Your website visitors can customize your products according to their needs and will be able to determine if it is the right choice before you even have a consultation call.

Refine quality of leads to reduce sales cycles

Most businesses waste a lot of time on unqualified leads. They have to evaluate prospects from multiple sources, giving them equal time and consideration, even if they aren’t a good fit. For small businesses with limited resources, this approach can dramatically slow growth. But even large enterprises can’t afford to run with such inefficient practices.

SaleSqueze LeadGen has a simple lead-gen form to attract more targeted prospects, which inevitably produce more goal-oriented conversations, better-informed sales reps, and shorter sales cycles. This tool goes beyond a standard questionnaire to give agents a 360-view of prospects and the guidance provided by scoring and qualifying leads.

Improve the customer experience with a modern, maintained solution

The biggest problem for many manufacturing businesses is that there is a lack of custom-made solutions, and most CPQ solutions are outdated. More often than not, the current platforms require a lot of maintenance and only hinder customer experience instead of improving it.

Instead of investing more time and money on maintenance and risking losing customers, you can rely on a modern solution. SaleSqueze offers a fully supported platform that is easy for companies and customers to use. We take care of the technical side of things, giving you more time to focus on sales and customer service.

Use automated, customizable offers to free up your sales team.

A lot of sales professionals still need to prepare their offers manually, which means they have less time to work on sales. Over time, this approach contributes to longer sales cycles, and ultimately, lower conversion rates. Some companies attempt to circumvent this problem using template offers, but with all the customization options, you’ll still need to invest time explaining each option to your customers.

SaleSqueze alleviates these problems by empowering customers to generate offers on their own, as they have the option of fully customizing every variable of your products. With this collaborative function, you give customers more control over the end product, and your sales team can dedicate more time to closing deals.

Get the customer insights you need to create better products.

CRM platforms are excellent tools to bring together all information on sales prospects, such as details from emails, call logs, feature interests, buying habits, and product preferences.

However, whereas a CRM doesn’t include information about their demands of your product, SaleSqueze has a dedicated sales module that offers more than a standard CRM. You can use it to keep all prospect data in one place and also keep tabs on their demands as you gather information from the product configurator. In the end, your team will have everything they need to create bespoke products that meet your customers’ expectations.

Wrap Up

Customers are spoiled for choice nowadays. If your business can’t meet their needs, your competitor will. The best product configurators give companies the tools they need to bring customers into the manufacturing process and get the insights that will drive creation.

Better yet, you can automate pricing, cost, and quoting tasks, freeing up your sales team to do what they do best—closing deals and selling customized products. With SaleSqueze, the whole process gets a whole lot easier.

Do you want to know more about how SaleSqueze can improve the customer experience at your company? Book a meeting with one of our experts.

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