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Marketing and sales are functions in the company, which are expected to constantly cooperate and communicate. The two functions are directly related and complementary. Both are customer-oriented. They try to bring customers through the stages of awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase. The primary task of the marketing team is to gain quality leads, which the sales team converts into customers.

Successful marketing and sales collaboration require two-way and constant communication between the two functions. The sales staff is the one who has direct contact with end customers and feedback from them. Sales reps are familiar with customer’s problems and challenges. That is valuable information for the marketing team, as they prepare marketing content based on this.

Unfortunately, the reality in companies is far from an ideal scenario. Marketing and sales act as unrelated functions. Even if they are led by the same mission and follow the same vision, they follow different metrics or KPIs. To achieve metrics, they design strategies and tactics that are not coordinated between functions.

We cannot expect top results from the uncoordinated operation of marketing and sales. Only with consistent cooperation between the functions does synergy occur, where the rule 1 + 1 = 3 applies.

Marketing-sales funnel disconnection

Only a few companies have defined marketing and sales funnel by stages. However, in companies that have a defined funnel, a problem often arises because the marketing part of the funnel and the sales part of the funnel are not connected. It is crucial that both parts of the funnel are connected, as this makes communication more efficient, consequently, the company achieves better sales results.

For example, a marketing team can achieve great results as it brings a lot of potential customers to the funnel. However, if the two parts of the funnel are not connected, leads gained by the marketing team may not get to the sales department. In this way, many sales opportunities can be lost.

An unconnected marketing-sales funnel represents a high cost to the company. The marketing team invests in activities that bring potential customers to the marketing and sales funnel. If due to poor organization and communication, leads do not move to the sales department, the investment in marketing activities is a waste of money.

When lead is ready to be taken over by a Sales?

Conflicts often arise between the two functions regarding the quality of leads. Marketing complains to Sales of not closing deals, and Sales accuses Marketing of not bringing quality leads. The conflict stems from the fact that the company does not have a clear definition when a certain contact becomes a Sales Qualified Lead or SQL. A Sales Qualified Lead is a person who is willing to talk to the sales team or to purchase a product. Typically, this potential customer has expressed enough interest in a product or service.

In order to avoid a conflict between Marketing and Sales, it is necessary to have a clearly defined action that converts a contact into a Sales Qualified Lead. Before contact can become SQL, the marketing team must educate him or her about the product and service and the problems it solves. Education about a product or service ends at the point where the customer expresses an intention to purchase.

The Sales team wants to receive certain information about the SQL before the first contact is made. Is that right?

If it is a B2C company that for example sells doors, the sales rep would like to know more information about how many and what kind of doors a potential buyer wants to buy in order to prepare an offer easier and faster. However, if it is a B2B company, the sales rep wants to know how much annual income the company has, the number of employees, the industry in which it operates, what problem it is facing, etc. This helps the sales rep to better prepare for the meeting.

SaleSqueze Configurator and LeadGen connect Marketing and Sales

Every Marketing and Sales team dream of a tool where the contact would convert into a SQL. At the same time, the sales rep would get all the necessary information to close the deal in a short time. This problem is solved by SaleSqueze Product Configurator and SaleSqueze LeadGen. Both tools serve to identify sales qualified leads. However, they differ depending on what type of company uses them.

The SaleSqueze Product Configurator is intended for companies that market complex and bespoke products. SaleSqueze LeadGen is a tool that checks whether a potential buyer meets the company’s qualification criteria. Booth tools obtain information from leads necessary for the following sales activities.

How do Configurator and LeadGen affect marketing?

Product Configurator and LeadGen are tools that are the touchpoint between Marketing and Sales. Marketing should focus its efforts on activities that bring potential customers to Configurator or LeadGen. The marketing team can use various marketing approaches, such as advertising through digital channels, posting on social networks, SEO, email marketing, etc.

With the help of the Configurator or LeadGen tools, the marketing team knows which metrics or KPIs it must reach. The metric that the Marketing team follows is the number of people who filled out questions in the Configurator or LeadGen. The problem of defining SQL has also been eliminated, as it is clearly defined that a lead becomes SQL when he converts through the tool.

How does the SaleSqueze Configurator work?

A web configurator is a tool used to purchase complex products that require personalization before purchase. This means that each product is precisely tailored to the wishes and needs of the customers. They can freely choose the properties, such as dimensions, color, shape, technical properties, material, and the like. The web configurator allows the user to research the entire offer of the seller and decide on the optimal selection of properties that suit him or her.

The web configurator also allows you to calculate the price of products in real-time. So when the properties of a product are changed or added, its price also changes. SaleSqueze Configurators allow 2D or 3D rendering, making it easier to imagine the product.

When the customer completes the configuration of the complex product and submits the offer request, the automatically generated informative offer is sent to the email address of the lead. When a customer submits an inquiry request, it also becomes a sales-qualified contact or SQL, and from that moment on it becomes the focus of the Sales team.

Thanks to the configurator, the sales rep does not have to waste time on the painstaking preparation of offers. At the same time, the sales rep learns all the necessary information to easily close the deal. The sales rep contacts the potential buyer in case it is necessary to align the technical details, the date of installation, payment terms, etc. Once the sales rep obtains all the necessary information, his task is only to close the deal.

With SaleSqueze Product Configurator, Dukin prepared 486% more offers for CookOUT® summer kitchens compared to the same period last year. See Dukin’s configurator by clicking on the image below.

How does SaleSqueze LeadGen work?

SaleSqueze LeadGen is a tool that creates a reliable and predictable channel for gaining potential customers and helps to qualify potential customers. It is suitable for companies that market complex products or services and have certain criteria with which companies or individuals will work. LeadGen usually acts as a tool that separates quality potential customers from those who are not suitable for doing business with you.

Lead Generation For Manufacturing Business

The Marketing team brings a large number of contacts through online channels, but the Sales team cannot know if these contacts are of good quality. To check the quality of contacts, the Sales team must contact all contacts, but the LeadGen tool can do this instead. 

The LeadGen tool contains short questions that reveal if a lead meets the qualification criteria. Those leads that meet the qualification criteria are also scored. In this way, the leads that have the greatest potential for cooperation or the greatest probability of purchase are identified. The sales team devotes its time only to potential customers who are suitable for cooperation, and at the same time, they already have a lot of important information to make it easier to plan the next sales activities.

With SaleSqueze LeadGen, Elaphe saved 80% of the time on administrative tasks and reduced the number of email inquiries by 90%. Click on the image below to see how SaleSqueze LeadGen works in practice.

The coordination of Marketing and Sales leads to enviable results

Marketing and Sales must strive to find a way to pursue the same metrics, have a single SQL definition, and connect a marketing-sales channel. The alignment of Marketing and Sales can lead to a 32% year-on-year revenue growth, a 208% increase in marketing revenue, and a 38% increase in closing transactions. SaleSqueze Configurator and SaleSqueze LeadGen are great tools that connect Marketing and Sales and bring you closer to your sales potential.

Connect Marketing and Sales and achieve excellent sales results!

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