B2B Commerce for Complex and Configurable Products

SaleSqueze B2B Commerce Platform allows your buyers to configure, price and order your products by themselves, anywhere and anytime.
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How it works


Data is imported from your ERP

SAP, Oracle, Infor, Odoo, ERPNext, etc.


Product catalog and configurable BOM

Import the product catalog, inventory and sales prices from your ERP and use our advanced PIM catalog to capture business logic, relations and product rules and build a configurable BOM.


Product configurators with guided selling

SaleSqueze B2B Commerce platform uses the advanced PIM catalog to automatically build easy-to-use product configurators that guide your buyers through the ordering or quoting process with a stunning buying experience.


B2B Commerce

Invite your buyers, add their sales prices, business terms and let them use your online marketplace to self-create accurate quotes and orders for your products and send them directly into your ERP.


Data is sent back to your ERP

Quotes, orders, BOM, all your data…

Top benefits

Capture all product logic and pricing in one system

SaleSqueze next-generation product catalog with an advanced business rules engine allows you to add any kind of configuration, dynamic BOM, order, pricing, or discount logic.

Auto-generate quotes and orders

Customers automatically generate personalized quotes and orders for your products, eliminating any time-consuming work in sales and back and forth communication.

Remove Excel, emails, faxes and phone calls

SaleSqueze B2B Commerce is a one-stop shop where your buyers discover and order your products and your sales team just monitors and helps them – no more manual work.

Massive time saving and lower sales costs

Most of the sales administration work is done automatically by the system or your buyers, so your sales team can focus on closing deals.

Include distributors, partners, retailers

Easily include your sales partners and buyer network, and let them use the same system to automate your entire sales pipeline.

Unite SaleSqueze with powerful integrations

Improve your workflow and boost productivity by connecting CRM and ERP, all with the support of our team.

Top results

80% less time spent on administrative tasks

Up to 486% more quotes

Increase conversion from quote to order up to 18%

40% increase in sales

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    “I commissioned SaleSqueze team to design a garage door configurator onto our website. The process from start to finish was excellent. They quickly understood our needs and implemented them. Birkdale greatly benefits from the increase in sales and the management of sales leads.”

    Simon Sturman, Birkdale Manufacturing Group