Make ordering simple for your customers

SaleSqueze B2B customer portal coming in

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    Superior ordering experience for B2B buyers


    24/7 online ordering with all product logic and pricing.

    Guided Selling

    allowing customers quickly find the right product and configuration.


    updates, status changes, delivery dates and documents – all synced with ERP.

    Buyer terms & conditions

    fully customized for every registered B2B buyer.

    Instant orders & quotes

    allowing buyers to order quickly without waiting on sales team.

    Lower costs & faster info

    no more back and forth communication with sales as all info are available in one place.

    Easy order processing for the sales team

    Build & deploy

    complex product configurators in minutes.

    Ease of use

    configuration packed in a guided buying experience.

    Universal solution

    no need for expensive custom solutions that are hard to implement and maintain.

    Standardized Processes

    for quick implementation of quoting and ordering process that works with any ERP.

    Easy employee onboarding

    all buying logic is built into the system, so new sales rep onboarding is fast and easy.

    Reduced sales costs

    Automated quoting and ordering process – up to 70% time & sales costs savings.