Take control of your sales operations

Processing vast amounts of quotes and orders from your sales network is hard work. Use our powerful features to make quoting and ordering quick and easy.



A structured online product catalogue

SaleSqueze CPQ works directly on top of your flat catalogue. With it, you can add structure to your products and implement options, parameters, and business logic for ordering.

With an advanced business rules engine, you can add any kind of ordering, pricing, or discount logic that you like.


Auto-generated configurators and quotes directly from the catalogue

Capture all of the product business logic through an easy-to-use interface, so that anyone can use it when buying your products.

SaleSqueze CPQ uses the information to automatically build configurators for your products directly from the catalogue logic.

Multilingual by design

Offer the product configuration experience in the language of your prospect by using the built-in translator tool.

It’s all about your brand

The white-labeled product configurator looks and feels completely on-brand.



Online quote and order management for customers

With online quotes, quoting and ordering is completely automated and digitized. The buyer enters your one-stop-shop and submits orders, while your sales team simply monitors the process and supports them.

SaleSqueze CPQ sends out online quotes, which are accessible in the customer portal. Here, customers can view all of the details about each quote and monitor their progress.

Enable a unified experience across all devices

Empower customers to order from you wherever they are in the world. With SaleSqueze, customers have the same buying experience across all devices, which is provided out-of-the box.


sales administration

Automate communication and progress reports

CPQ can be easily connected with your production or fulfillment system, enabling you to automatically inform the customer of their order’s progress.

Customers receive emails with updates or they can check the status in the customer portal. This eliminates the need to constantly reply to customer queries about on-time order delivery.

Smart business decisions with advanced sales analytics

Keep an eye on the sales pipeline and monitor performance of your sales team and partners, so that you’re always making informed business decisions and identifying potential problems. Make smart predictions about material flow and production.

Unite SaleSqueze with powerful integration

Improve your workflow and boost productivity by connecting to our integrations, all with the support of our team.

Getting started is fast and easy

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