We once rented a CRM system but it was not used by commercialists, so why will it be different from your SaleSqueze tool?

SaleSqueze is not a CRM system. Our tool will be used by your customers and partners, and will only be used by salespeople to review and close opportunities. In addition, the tool takes on the role of issuing informative offers, which has a positive impact on your team of sales reps, as they save a lot of time by writing offers and administrative work and can devote most of their time to selling and closing deals.

How long will it take to prepare the material, as we do not have unlimited time in our company?

When cooperating with our customers, we noticed that they have most of the material already prepared, as they are used for marketing and sales purposes. If you do not have the material, we direct you how to obtain the material you need as optimally as possible

Why and how does the configurator drive demand growth?

Nowadays customers like to explore with no pressure and the web is the perfect place to do it. The configurator allows your customers to educate themselves about your product and get accurate information about what you offer. In addition, we provide your potential customers with an excellent user experience for querying on any device, and whenever customers want. 

Our site has no sufficient number of visitors, so how will the SaleSqueze Configurator deliver growth?

With our tool, we guarantee growth in demand compared to the same period last year. Before participating, we evaluate whether there is enough traffic to your site and whether it is of sufficient quality. If we find that there is not enough traffic, we also help to drive traffic through various marketing activities.

Can we also use the SaleSqueze configurator for our products that are very complex?

Our tool is designed to support any product and any sales process, regardless of complexity. In order to make an informative offer, we usually do not burden our customers with certain technical issues, so we also customize the public configurator in this way.

Is it possible that our customers may not know how to use the SaleSqueze configurator?

Today, customers coming to sales channels are much more educated than in the past. The SaleSqueze configurator is designed to easily educate your prospects on what your product has to offer. In doing so, we make the experience enjoyable and easy.

We do not want the computer to do the job of sales reps because personal contact is important to our company.

Our tool automatically sends your customers a beautifully designed personalized quote as soon as a customer submits a request. This relieves your sales reps of writing offers manually and gives them more time for personal contact with potential customers.

We have a very complex internal system for making a quote, how does this affect the SaleSqueze tool?

All the connections that we made between our SaleSqueze tool and other systems were successful. Connections may be prevented by access restrictions or licensing policies of systems, but we always review them to determine whether or not they support connecting to external systems.

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    “I commissioned SaleSqueze team to design a garage door configurator onto our website. The process from start to finish was excellent. They quickly understood our needs and implemented them. Birkdale greatly benefits from the increase in sales and the management of sales leads.”

    Simon Sturman, Birkdale Manufacturing Group