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Each of us certainly wants to come up with revolutionary business ideas that would change the world. But the business idea alone is not enough, it is also extremely important how we develop the business idea and put it into a profitable business model. According to Forbes magazine, as many as 8 in 10 business ideas fail, the most common reasons being that there is no need for a specific product or service in the market, too little startup capital, incompatible work team, uncompetitive product or service, high operating costs, launching a product or service without a relevant business model, lack of marketing and no customer focus.

Good business ideas do not develop overnight but they take time to mature. This is certainly proven by the business idea of our SaleSqueze sales automation tool. The initial idea of a sales automation tool came to our minds in 2016. Through discussions with our business customers and people in the business world, we discovered that everyone was facing similar problems or looking for ways to grow a business. Problems faced by sales departments in companies are time-consuming quoting, inability to anticipate sales, much work managing sales processes, etc. When we pack all the solutions for the aforementioned business problems into one tool that, in addition, enables the company to grow, we get the SaleSqueze tool.

Are you wondering why we named the brand SaleSqueze and not otherwise?

The name itself indicates what SaleSqueze is all about. In 2016 within the company Kalmia, we first introduced and implemented our business idea of a sales automation tool and implemented it to the American company Rwell, where we created a configurator for ordering water purification and solar power plants. Since then, we have been observing market needs, and talking to our potential customers, adapting and improving the tool.

Three years after the initial idea of a sales automation tool, we also officially launched the SaleSqueze brand in January 2019 to the market. Although the brand has been officially on the market since January 2019, it has been 3 years since the first idea of the automation tool, so we can safely say that we have successfully developed our business idea into a great product that delivers enviable business results to our customers. However, we cannot say that we did not face the challenges and problems encountered by almost all start-ups in our business journey. Because we developed the idea very quickly, organizational problems with job division and lack of adequate staff arose, and our biggest marketing problem was how to present such a complex product to the target market in a simple way.

The idea of an automation tool was a great business opportunity for our company, but ideas are just not enough. Many hours of work, specific knowledge, effort, and money were put into our SaleSqueze tool. Your business idea can also be a stepping stone to the business world. Explore the market, talk to potential customers, develop the product to perfection, and above all, believe in your business idea and turn it into reality.

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