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Why SaleSqueze?

Reap the benefits of process automatization
and customized product configuration.

Hidden reserves turned
into profits

More qualified leads and higher quote-to-order ratio

Shorter and more effective sales process

Less stressed and more productive sales team

In what industries does SaleSqueze work best?

SaleSqueze is the perfect sales-boosting system for businesses that offer or produce high-ticket, sophisticated, and highly customizable products.

By automating the configuration, pricing, and quoting processes, your sales team can close a higher number of deals faster.

& windows

Pergolas, shades
& canopies

Home equipment
& furniture

& hot tubs

Garden & patio equipment

Home repair & maintenance

A system designed for growth

SaleSqueze addresses and optimizes several elements of how you do your business.

SaleSqueze modules

Create the perfect combo to boost your sales


A visibly customized product presentation helps your online prospect to decide and order faster.

Dukin Konfigurator

Sales Manager

Interactive quotes are sent automatically, without the need to burden your salespeople.


A complete overview of the sales process and metrics help you to make smarter decisions.


The connected partner network aligns and optimizes yours and your partners’ sales processes.


A graphic 2D product visualization increases the quote-to-order ratio and helps your prospects understand what they’re buying.

Custom Solutions

A custom combination and upgrades of key modules address issues that are specific to your business.

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Orders up, hassle down.
In just four steps.

1. Sales channel

Together, we build an effective online sales channel, define key metrics, and implement the site’s analytics.

2. Visitor-to-order boost

By demonstrating the product to your prospect exactly how they want it, you increase the inquiry-to-order ratio.

3. Advertising strategy

Parallel to the sales channel, we create digital advertising and brand communication strategy to target online audiences.

4. Destination: growth

After the launch of the sales channel, we help you measure its effectiveness and key metrics, and provide the support for further improvement.

SaleSqueze is the go-to sales optimization system.
Here’s why.

Supported on all devices

Multi-language interface


Coding-free integration