How Elon Musk sells 367,500 vehicles a year online and how can you achieve a similar success


The article was originally published on the IKT Finance web portal.

Success lies in the web configurator

Tesla’s success is due to its innovative sales model, with the web configurator in the center of attention. Buyers design and buy the desired car themselves, without direct contact with the seller. Easy, fast, with a superior user experience and extremely low sales costs

You can provide the same sales process with the SaleSqueze tool, which enables online sales of complex products that require personalization before purchase. Selling windows, swimming pools, pergolas, blinds solutions, and home equipment has never been easier.

Closing deals instead of administration tasks

SaleSqueze is a tool for automating tasks in the sales process. It is an excellent sales tool for sales teams. Did you know that on average salespeople spend only a third of their time closing deals, and the rest of the time is spent on administrative tasks such as preparing offers, coordinating with customers, and entering data? With the SaleSqueze tool, administrative tasks are a thing of the past, and salespeople can dedicate the entire working day to activities that bring value to the company- closing deals.

Can you imagine sending an inquiry to Elon Musk through email in the middle of the afternoon to buy a Tesla S in blue? When you buy Tesla, you don’t write to Elon. You actually don’t write to anyone, as you make the entire purchase by yourself via web configurator.

80 percent of the inquiry goes past you

You may have laughed at this, but the described situation is still the reality for most companies that market complex and bespoke products. 

Companies get their inquiries through phone calls, emails, or outdated inquiry forms. With an enormous amount of low-quality inquiries, some sales teams miss as much as 80 percent of inquiries due to the complexity of preparing offers. The solution for such sales teams is a web configurator.

The SaleSqueze Product Configurator allows the end customers to research the company’s offer on their own and create a selection of features that suit their wishes. The price of a product is calculated in real-time when the changes of features are made. The configurator is supported by a 2D or 3D rendering of the product, making it easier for the customers to imagine what they are buying. 

When the customer completes the configuration, he receives an informative offer in the email. The Configurator transfers the preparation of offers from the sales rep to the buyer. The sales team obtains all the necessary information about the customer’s wishes and needs through the configurator, so it is easy to close the deal.

SaleSqueze automates the entire sales process

SaleSqueze Product Configurator has upgraded Tesla’s business model by automating the entire sales process, not just product configuration and ordering

Only a few companies have a sales funnel defined by stages, and even fewer know at what stage their potential buyers are at. The customized dashboard module allows salespeople to monitor the flow of contacts through stages in the sales funnel. That way, they always know what the next sales activity is for a particular contact.

It is very important that the sales team knows to which potential customers to devote their valuable time. The problem arises because the current tools that companies use do not allow potential customers to score according to their activities. At SaleSqueze, this is solved by Filtrato, which, based on online customer behavior, assesses which customers are more interested in the product and are more likely to make a purchase

Analytical overview of the sales process

Sales success directly affects the final business result and is a key element in making strategic and tactical decisions. The Analytics allows you to estimate sales revenues for individual segments and periods fairly accurately. This way, you can quickly find areas with high sales success and those that require improvements, leading to better business decisions and business growth.

Automation also for partners

SaleSqueze Partners enables automation of the entire business to partners as well. With business automation and coordination with partners, you can complete multiple orders based on available data. With the help of this tool, partners obtain all the necessary product information so that they can create and offer. By using the tool, you get a clear overview of partners and contacts, inquiries, and orders, which helps you fully automate business in the partner network and gain more orders.

The SaleSqueze tool relieves your sales team, helping them focus on completing orders and customer support, leading to superior results.

Increase sales of your high-end personalized products with the SaleSqueze tool and become Tesla in your industry. 

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