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The perfect sales process should be straightforward, quick, and empower your sales team to close your dream deals. Unfortunately, sales processes are often long, tedious, and over-complicated when it comes to the real world. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the main issues faced by your sales team and introduce a solution that will both improve customer experience and help you to close bigger deals, faster.

Poor shopping experience when buying complex and custom-made products

Customers have an extremely poor shopping experience when buying complex and custom-made products. Take, for example, the purchase of a tailored product like a carport. End customers research potential carport providers and their offerings through websites and catalogues. Here are the problems that they encounter:

1. Extended research without complete information

Carports are custom-made for each customer. Because of this, it’s difficult to understand all of the necessary features, such as dimensions, colours, materials, type of roof, etc., through presentation channels such as websites and catalogues. It’s even trickier to determine the price because it depends on the set of features that the end customer wants.

2. Zero pricing visibility

As companies present products very superficially through their website, the buyer has to submit a request for an offer if they want to know the final price. Customers typically have the option to submit an enquiry via phone call, email, or an outdated enquiry form. 

3. Long response time for online enquiries

End customers usually opt for the online form – home and garden equipment is usually purchased outside of the provider’s office hours, making a phone call impossible. The enquiry form asks potential buyers to provide personal information and some details about their desired properties for the carport, e.g. carport type and dimensions.   

After submitting the request, the end customer can be left waiting up to 14 days to receive an informative offer, and in some cases, they don’t receive one at all. This results in an inferior user experience, causing dissatisfaction among end customers. No one wants dissatisfied customers, right?

Sales representatives are burdened with offer preparations instead of building valuable relationships

As described above, the buying experience for custom-made products is very unfriendly. What’s more, the sales process for these products seems equally frustrating. Generally, sales representatives obtain a huge number of enquiries via online forms, for which they have to prepare informative offers

Unfortunately, many of these are of low quality, since standard forms have no real way of filtering potential buyers from people who are just browsing. Because of the high volume of received enquiries, the sales team can’t usually answer all of the questions on time, so they might miss real opportunities while chasing cold leads.

Since offers made by the sales representatives are only informational, there’s a lot of back-and-forth communication involved with their prospects. This results in them losing time instead of having meaningful conversations and closing deals.  

SaleSqueze eliminates offer preparations and provides a superior buying experience

If your time is being wasted on writing offers and communicating with cold prospects, SaleSqueze has a solution for you.

The product configurator allows customers to design their offer on their own

A product configurator is a tool used to purchase complex products that require personalisation. Customers can explore the entire product catalogue and variations via the product configurator, while simultaneously designing the product according to their needs and desires. They can choose properties such as dimensions, colour, type of material, and any other variable that the product offers. In this way, customers have the opportunity to choose from hundreds or thousands of combinations and create a product that best suits their wishes.

The product configurator also allows customers to calculate the price of products in real-time. When a customer changes or adds features to a product, its price is amended accordingly. The customer can therefore monitor how certain selections affect the final price throughout the entire process.

The product configurator, which focuses on providing a superior user experience, also enables a visual display of the configured product. Customers are immersed in their product as they build it, so they know what they’re buying and have clear expectations. 

Once the product configuration is complete, the customer is able to save the prepared offer, or even complete the purchase, via the product configurator. In the case of purchasing canopies, measurement by the manufacturer is required, so the product configurator allows the customer to choose the measurement date that best suits them. This allows customers to enjoy a high-quality shopping experience, as they can get the final offer in just a few clicks. No more time-consuming communication with a sales representative!

Armat carports product configurator

Let’s look at an example. Armat’s online carport configurator intuitively guides the potential customer through the product configuration process. The whole process is supported by a realistic 3D render, so the customer can visualise the product that they’re buying. After submitting the request, the customer immediately receives an informative offer in their inbox.

Sales representatives can finally shift their focus from offer preparation to closing deals

The product configurator removes the responsibility of offer-writing from sales representatives, as the customers can prepare the offer themselves within the configurator. Sales representatives can redirect this saved time towards building relationships with customers, ultimately leading to more closed deals and directly improving sales success. 

With SaleSqueze, sales representatives don’t just get a product configurator; they also benefit from a system that offers an analytical overview of stages in the sales process. All fully automated.

Sales funnel in the CRM system

Thanks to the Intrix CRM system, you can effectively take care of the appropriate control and completion of received enquiries. Each customer’s request is recorded within the system and a responsible person is appointed to ensure that the sale is completed in accordance with the sales process. 

Once the sales consultant takes over an enquiry, they can easily plan all future activities. This could be a reminder to call the customer after an offer has been sent, or a note to view the customer’s location and do the measurements there. The consultant will be able to make a record and attach photos of the facility right at the client’s location via a mobile application.

The CRM system allows you to know how many enquiries you’ve received at any given time, the different stages of each enquiry, and the success of the sale and conversion from demand to offer.

With SaleSqueze and Intrix tools, sales representatives gain a fully automated sales process that offers an excellent user experience, both for customers and the sales team. Learn more about the benefits of a partnership with this short webinar. 

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