Implement fast, scale on demand

SaleSqueze is implemented into your organization by our experts, with the help of our proven 7-step onboarding process.


STEP 1 • Day 0

Contract signature

Our collaboration officially starts! We’re super excited for our journey together and we hope that you are too.


STEP 2 • Day 3

Onboarding analysis

In the first step of our collaboration, we analyse your sales process and product logic. Together, we set key objectives and goals that we’ll be pursuing. A checklist and guidance are also provided.


STEP 3 • Day 7

Product Configurator design

After the onboarding analysis, we launch into preparing wireframes for the optimum Product Configurator flow. We focus on covering 80% of product options in the first version, and UX and UI design are included. We love to hear your feedback at this point!


STEP 4 • Day 9


We design backend processes based on your sales process and present the overall solution. A detailed timeline and action plan for your team is defined. If needed, we consult with potential outside partners. 


STEP 5 • Day 10 – 30


Everything is set out, and it’s time for implementation. During the implementation phase, we won’t forget about you – we provide regular updates and check-ins with your team. 

When the implementation team sets your system, the testing period starts. We’re eager to hear your feedback!


STEP 6 • Day 35 – ∞


Your feedback is important and immediately acted upon. It’s now time for your final questions and design revisions. The launch scenario has already been prepared, so everything goes smoothly and without stress.

Everything is ready for launching Product Configurator on your digital channels!


STEP 7 • Let’s stay together forever

Experience the SaleSqueze Effect!

Our North Star Metric is the SaleSqueze effect – in other words, your exponential growth. 

We nurture your system with support and maintenance. We support you with new modules, builders, products, integrations, process improvements, and automations, so that you always stay on top of your game.

Getting started is fast and easy

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