Sales Manager

Luka from Elaphe saved 80% of the time processing sales deals with SaleSqueze Sales Manager.

Let clients create their own offers.

What does Sales Manager do?

The Sales Manager tool automates the quoting process and a large part of your sales activities.
This gives your sales team enough time to personally contact the leads and successfully close orders.

Optimize sales process

Forget about complex spreadsheets, inconsistent reporting, price recalculation, and manual quoting.

Close more deals faster

As you leave the creation of personalized offers to your customers and partners, you’re left with the easy part – confirming the orders.

SaleSqueze Sales Manager goes well with

Price calculation

Calculate and quote the price of a customized product in real-time based on chosen features.

Offers creation

Focus on closing deals, rather than doing manual work. Automatically create offers and take the burden off your sales team.

Sales process

Optimize your sales process and align it with the rest of the team while saving on paperwork.

Our clients know why

With the SaleSqueze tool, we digitized and automated the sales process and connected it with other tools in the company. This saved us 80% of the time spent for administrative tasks and reduced our customers’ emails by 90%. All topped with a superior user experience!

Luka Ambrožič, Elaphe, Head of Marketing and Sales 

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