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Here at Birkdale, we needed a garage door configurator for our website and SaleSqueze was there to deliver. The experience was, in every aspect, excellent – from communication and timeline to execution and their in-depth understanding of our product. The team at SaleSqueze understood our wishes and created an easy-to-follow process around them.

After implementing the SaleSqueze Product Configurator, we’ve increased our sales, simplified the management of leads, and streamlined the whole sales process. Thanks, SaleSqueze!

Simon Sturman, Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited, Founder and CEO

With the SaleSqueze Product Configurator, we digitized and automated the sales process and connected it with other tools in the company. This saved us 80% of the time spent for administrative tasks and reduced our customers’ emails by 90%. All topped with a superior user experience!

Luka Ambrozic, Elaphe, Head of Marketing and Sales

With SaleSqueze we managed to build an awesome waste bin covers configurator that our customers love,  automate the quote preparation and issued 486% more quotes for our StyleOUT® trash bin covers compared to the same period last year.

Tomaz Rakusa, Dukin, Head of Marketing and Sales

The SaleSqueze Product Configurator has simplified our sales process for custom-made interior blinds. The automatic offer generator helped us prepare almost 4 times more offers for plush curtains compared to the previous year when we prepared all offers manually. We attained new customers and opened a new sales channel without abundant marketing support. The Product Configurator offers many opportunities for further development and inclusion of our other products, as it supports the sale of products that are configurable and custom-made. Working with SaleSqueze has been creative, as the whole team is propulsive, flexible, and offers a lot of creative ideas and solutions.”

Jozica Zukovec, Dekor Sencila, CEO

With the internal SaleSqueze Product Configurator, we reduced the time for preparing offers by 70 % and fully automated purchasing materials.

Uros Krek, Hausmart, Founder and CEO

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