Salesqueze – a Tool for Successful Digital Sales


SaleSqueze is a system that automates and increases sales through digital channels to manufacturers, service providers, and retailers. It helps if you’re tired of missed business opportunities and want your sales to deal with customers, rather than just putting together and sending countless offers.

Say goodbye to manually prepared offers

The core of sales automation is a web-based product and service SaleSqueze Configurator used to assemble any product and its features, regardless of complexity. It allows you to leave the production of more demanding offers to customers and business partners. This goes through a guided process in which they get to know your products and services on their own.

Improve customer comfort with the configurator

With the widespread use of the web, social media, and mobility, customers are accustomed to independently searching for information about products and services. With the SaleSqueze configurator, you allow them to conduct more detailed online research and order exactly when they are ready to buy. This avoids phone calls and emails and waiting for answers, which means less work and more orders for you.

Automate sales and get more orders

Sales growth depends on how quickly you turn opportunities into orders and deliver products to customers. You can achieve this by automating the sales process with Sales Manager. This gives the sales team time to monitor the offers made and obtain orders. At the same time, you have constantly available fresh sales information available to anyone who needs it.

Instead of administration tasks, dedicate your time to customers

With the SaleSqueze tool, you can ignore opaque, complicated, and time-consuming price lists and employees can forget about writing offers manually. Instead, they monitor offers that customers and partners prepare independently and negotiate orders with them. Thus, instead of administrative work, you can really dedicate yourself to working with customers.

The tool is adapted to your needs and sales goals

We start the introduction of the SaleSqueze tool with the Sales Analysis workshop, where we review your sales process, business logic, and documents, and draw the whole process. Thus, we discover bottlenecks and other weaknesses in sales, which we then improve with our tools.

With strategic digital workshops, we also help you conduct market research, identify target customers, and accurately target your digital marketing. In this way, you primarily attract customers who are very likely to buy your products, and the sales team knows exactly what customers want.

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