Automate Your Enquiry-to-Order Process

Improve your existing sales process and boost Enquiry-to-Order rate up to 60% in just 3 months. 

Automate Your Enquiry-to-Order Process

Improve your existing sales process and boost
Enquiry-to-Order rate up to 60% in just 3 months.

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Turn more enquiries into orders without changing your existing sales process

We help companies automate and optimize their existing sales processes to convert up to 60% of all enquiries into orders using:

Product Configurators, Quote Automation
and  Quote Campaigns.

Top results from our customers

Thomas (Dukin) increased B2C enquiries for outdoor kitchens by 486% in just three months.
Jose (Dekor Shades) increased enquiries for window shades by 380% in the first three months.

Luke (Elaphe) saved 80% of time on paperwork and reduced the number of low-quality enquiries by 90%.
Dukin Konfigurator

Step #1: Visual Enquiry Generation

Provide users with a 2D or 3D visual self-service tool and allow them to create a fully qualified request while learning all about your product. A customised visual product configurator helps your customers to see and understand exactly what they are asking for before they send the request, bringing clarity to the sales process.

Step #2: Issue Quotes Automatically

Send interactive offers automatically without burdening your sales team. This gives them enough time to personally attend to each potential customer and successfully complete additional orders.

Lead Generation For Manufacturing Business

Step #3: Automation Helps You Close

Automatic monitoring combined with lead scoring of user behavior throughout the entire process triggers quote campaigns that help answer key product-related questions and build trust, greatly improving your chances of closing a deal.

Which industries see the best results?

& Windows

Pergolas, Shades
& Canopies

Home Equipment
& Furniture

& Hot Tubs

Garden & Patio Equipment

Home Accessories

Why do companies trust us with
automating their Enquiry-to-Order Process?

Consistent Results

Once we set up the system, it will deliver consistent results and adapt to your needs.

Immediate Effect

Our customers literally start to close more orders from the 1st day after implementation.

Incredible ROI

Since so many orders are completed, the system pays for itself within the first one to two months.

Turn-key solution

We only concentrate on achieving results. As soon as we turn on the machine, all you have to do is commit to process all offers. It’s that simple.

Fortnightly optimization

To ensure that you get the most for your money, we continuously monitor and improve. We monitor and advise every two weeks.

No hidden costs

Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships, so there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Simple implementation in just 15 days

Day 1 – 3


The onboarding covers everything. In an onboarding workshop with your team and our experienced experts, we design the entire system and adapt it to fit your processes and products.

Day 3 – 15

Setting up the System 

Based on the onboarding plan, you will receive a custom product configurator to generate fully qualified enquiries tailored to fit your customized products, a management app to monitor all
enquiries and quotes
, and an all-in-one quote campaign with scoring solution that automatically pushes your potential customers forward and prioritizes the most likely ones to your sales team.

Day 15+

Fortnightly Optimization 

Our team closely monitors all activities in your sales channel and prepares optimization tips and proposals to help you grow. The results are presented in a fortnightly schedule with a step-by-step action plan for further action.

How does the onboarding process work?


15 business days to launch


  1. Click on Book a Demo
  2. Fill out our short onboarding form
  3. Take part in a demo interview with one of our consultants


  1. Plan your sales force automation
  2. Adapt the system to your needs
  3. Write compelling copy for the quote campaign
  4. Launch and help you close more orders
  5. Monitor, optimize & support


We once rented a CRM system, but our sales reps did not waste time learning how to use it. How is SaleSqueze different from a CRM system, and why would our sales reps use it?

SaleSqueze is not a CRM system. Our tool is designed to be used by your customers and partners. Sales representatives use SaleSqueze only to cheque and close opportunities. Furthermore, the tool takes on the role of creating informative quotations, which has a positive effect on your sales team. They save 70% of their time for creating quotations and completing administrative tasks. With all this extra time, they can devote it to selling and closing deals.

Why and how does the configurator drive demand growth?

Today, customers like to explore without pressure, and the Internet is the perfect place to do so. The configurator enables your customers to find out everything about your product and get accurate information about your offer. In addition, we offer your potential customers an excellent user experience for querying on any device and whenever they want.

Our website does not have sufficient traffic, so how will the SaleSqueze configurator ensure growth?

With our tool, we guarantee a growth in demand compared to the same period of the previous year. Before we participate, we evaluate whether your website has enough visitors and whether it is of sufficient quality. If we determine that there is not enough traffic, we also help to increase traffic through various marketing activities.

Can we also use the SaleSqueze configurator for our products that are very complex?

Our tool is designed to support any product and any sales process, regardless of its complexity. In order to provide an informative offer, we do not usually burden our customers with certain technical questions, so we also adapt the public configurator in this way.

Is it possible that our customers do not know how to use the SaleSqueze configurator?

Today, the customers who come into the sales channels are much more educated than in the past. The SaleSqueze configurator was developed to inform your prospects in a simple way about what your product has to offer. In this way we make the experience pleasant and simple.

We do not want the computer to take over the work of the sales representatives, because personal contact is important for our company.

Our tool automatically sends your customers a beautifully designed, personalized offer as soon as a customer makes a request. This relieves your sales staff of the manual preparation of quotations and gives them more time for personal contact with potential customers.

We have a very complex internal system for preparing a quote, how does this affect the SaleSqueze tool?

All the connections we have made between our tool and other systems have been successful. Connections can be prevented by access restrictions or licensing policies of systems, but we always check them to see if they support connection to external systems or not.

Turn more enquiries into orders without changing your existing sales process