How to Gain New Opportunities When Fairs Are Canceled?


Fairs are extremely important in the world-wide environment for both companies operating in the B2B and B2C markets. The great importance of fairs is also reflected in the number of them and they cover many areas as home construction and renovation, food, medical equipment, agriculture, technology for companies and many others.

For some companies, trade fairs are a central activity for raising awareness of their brand and their products along with gaining potential customers. Companies that market extremely complex and bespoke products find it harder to present their products through digital channels. Fairs are therefore an ideal opportunity to present products with all their attributes to their potential customers. In this way, potential customers can research the company’s products and receive an offer, and in return, the company gains contact.

Fairs are no longer an obvious marketing activity

Until this year, fairs were the annual practice of a huge number of companies. They invested a lot of effort and resources in the fairs, and their investment paid off with the acquired contacts, some of them later converted info customers. This year, the established practice has been interrupted and fairs are no longer a obvious marketing and sales activity and at the same time their future is unpredictable. Because of this unpredictable situation, companies need to be agile and find digital ways to present their products and gain new contacts.

From physical fairs, product presentations are moving to digital channels

There are many digital channels through which products can be presented, but appropriate channels must be selected for effective presentation. When looking for an alternative to trade fairs, it is necessary to choose such digital channels where potential buyers can explore the attributes of the product and at the same time receive an offer for the desired product, as is the practice at fairs. Great alternatives to physical fairs are web configurators and virtual fairs.

Product configurator

The product configurator is a great alternative to trade fairs, as it has all the features offered by trade fairs. The product configurator focuses on selling complex products that require mass personalization. This means that each product is precisely tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer, who can freely choose the attributes, such as dimensions, colour, shape, technical properties, material, etc. The product configurator allows the user to research the entire offer of the provider and decide on the optimal selection of properties that suit him or her the best.

Some product configurators also allow calculating the price of configurated products in real-time. When we change or add features to a product, its price also changes. Through the entire process of configuration of the product, the user monitors how his choice affects the final price. Some configurators also allow 2D or 3D rendering, making it easier for a potential customer to imagine the product they intend to buy.

One of the huge advantages of the SaleSqueze Product Configurator is that the offer is generated automatically when the potential buyer completes the product configuration. The buyer receives the informative offer to his e-mail address and can complete the purchase with payment via the link in the offer.

Look at the web configurators we have developed for our customers Dukin and Decor Senčila.

Virtual fair

Virtual events started to become increasingly popular during the late-2000’s recession as they offered an economically and environmentally effective way to bring thousands of attendees to an event from around the globe. Their importance has once again proved during a pandemic, when traditional fairs were completely discontinued.

A virtual fair, or in other words an online fair, is a type of virtual event that takes place in an online environment. Traditional fairs and virtual fairs have a lot in common, but the biggest difference is that exhibitors and visitors connect with each other online, not in person.

The advantage of virtual fairs is that you can access them anywhere, as your geographical location does not limit you. All you need to connect to the fair is a smart device with a good internet connection. Exhibitors and visitors to the web fair interact through live chat, chat rooms, webinars, Q&A, etc.


One of the most famous platforms in the field of virtual fairs is VirtualExpo, which hosts 6 fairs:

  • DirectIndustry – The marketplace for industry, heavy machinery, equipement and technology
  • NuticExpo – The marketplace for boating and maritime equipment
  • ArchiExpo – The marketplace for architecture and design
  • MedicalExpo – The marketplace for medical devices and supplies
  • AeroExpo – The marketplace for aeronautical material and products
  • AgriExpo – The marketplace for agricultural and livestock material and products

VirtualExpo hosts many exhibitors on its platform, for example, only at the DirectIndustry fair, it exhibits more than 13,000 providers, presenting more than 470,000 products in total. Through the online platform, visitors can view products that are already categorized, which makes searching process easier. Once you discover a segment of products of your interest, you can explore it in detail. In addition to each product presented, there is a detailed product description with all the characteristics. It also allows easy comparison between two or more products, which simplify the selection of the final product. Providers offer the possibility that visitors of the virtual fair can request a price interval for the product or for a personalized offer.

At the virtual fair MedicalExpo, our client SteriPro presents its medical equipment, reaching 40 to 200 new leads per week with the SaleSqueze LeadGen tool. You can listen to how we achieved such a successful result in our latest webinar: How to gain form 40 to 200 educated leads per week? (only in Slovenian).

How you will adjust to the absence of traditional fairs?

Book an intro meeting and we will help you present your products through digital channels!

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