What is the SaleSqueze Effect?


The SaleSqueze Effect represents a small change in the business process of an organization, which entails a chain reaction of changes affect all aspect of the business model of the organization and bring with it major changes in sales and growth.

Some companies have achieved remarkable results as the number of their sales opportunities begins to grow sharply, up to 200% annually, and consequently, the number of closed deals also grows.

With a properly implemented sales and marketing process, we can achieve a completely predictable marketing and sales channel, which depends largely on the input to the channel and on the sales ability of the sales team to complete orders.

The SaleSqueze team has witnessed this exciting phenomenon several times before, which brings our customers a positive change in their business, despite their initial doubts and skepticism.

SaleSqueze Effect can be planned and in our company, we develop tools, knowledge, and methods that allow us to create SaleSqueze Effect with any organization in any market. We have learned from our experience so far that the SaleSqueze Effect is easiest to reproduce by:

  1. We analyze the product or service in detail
  2. We analyze marketing and sales processes in detail
  3. We complete and harmonize the processes with SaleSqueze tools and methods
  4. We plan the marketing and sales process
  5. We incorporate the necessary knowledge and tools in all steps
  6. We conduct marketing and sales workshops to teach you how to manage the process
  7. We define metrics (KPIs) and analytics to help you monitor and direct the process
  8. We support and accompany you on your journey

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