Increase Sales with SaleSqueze configurator

  • Say goodbye to manual quoting
  • Automate your entire sales funnel
  • Get up to 200% more leads and deals
  • Attract prospects that want to buy from you
  • Close deals instead of writing quotes

Submit your application for early access and make the first step towards rapid sales growth. We can only accept 7 new projects in 2019, so hurry up!

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What is SaleSqueze
and how can it help you?

SaleSqueze is a sales automation system that amplifies your online sales and brings in 3-4x more leads or deals. If you are looking for ways to grow sales, increase revenue, lower costs, automate repetitive sales tasks and grow your organization you’ve found the right solution.

Recipe for Sales Growth

SaleSqueze is an online sales inovation that is built on top of many years of experience, knowledge and hands-on problem solving.


Up to 200% more leads.

Configurator is build on top of Product Configuration Framework which can configure any product no matter the complexity.

Sales Funnel

3-4x sales increase.

Your sales funnel is 95% automated with Pipeline Configuration Framework, that fits your process perfectly.


Save up to 95% of time.

Connect all your existing business systems trough SaleSqueze Gateway and remove manual tasks from your work.


Your sales – in realtime.

SaleSqueze Analytics is your new best friend that supports you in all your business and sales decisions with real-time data and reports.


Knowledge for success.

SaleSqueze Academy features 2 curses – sales and marketing – where we teach you how to run your sales organization.


We hold your hand.

SaleSqueze Guardian offers everything you ever wanted – a phone number that you can call when you need advice, help, support.

Say Goodbye To Manual Quotes and Repetitive Tasks

SaleSqueze allows you and your prospects to configure each an every one of your products or services to fit their needs exactly. Let your prospects and partners prepare quotes for themselves, as SaleSqueze guides them trough the entire proces and you use that time to close all those new deals!

Automate Your Digital Sales Funnel

Your sales growth depends on how quickly you turn quotes to orders! SaleSqueze automates all your quotes and follow-up activites so you can only focus on turning those quotes into orders. Your team gets precious time to focus on converting leads in customers.

Quote generation time savings95%
Quote processing time svaings67%

Focus on Closing Those Deals

Forget about all those complex Excel sheets, inconsistent and manually composed quotes. With sales automation in place your clients and partners will tell you exactly what they want from you and your sales team will just guide them through the rest of the process and close the deal. Works every time… like clockwork!

incoming quotes
hours saved

Sounds good?

SaleSqueze is running within 15 different products and industries and consistenly bringing in up to 200% more leads. Want to be among the first to try it out and dramatically improve your sales and growth. Submit your application for early access. We can only accept 7 new projects in 2019, so hurry up!