Configuration challenge:
Model S by Tesla

Leon Panjtar, SaleSqueze CEO
December 1, 2022

Leon is a robotics engineer with 15 years of experience in digital transformation and digital products, passionate about manufacturing, product configuration, sales, and business.

How to build a Tesla S product configurator in less than 2 hours?

Simple. With SaleSqueze configuration platform.

Our vision since the very beginning of the SaleSqueze has always been the same – allow companies to create and deploy stunning product configurators in a matter of minutes.

In line with our vision, we are developing a configuration platform that allows building configurators very quickly. Configurators in configuration platform are easy to maintain, unlike custom configurators, where each change takes months of time and a fortune.

It easily recreates any experience that is well-known, performs well, and is already heavily used by buyers globally.

There is no better example like Tesla, so we decided to recreate the well-know Tesla configurator for Model S.

It took us exactly 1 hour and 47 minutes to create the configurator.

You are impressed, right?

We followed 5 steps to build Tesla Model S configurator with SaleSqueze configuration platform:

Brainstorm and define the configuration model

The first step is to convert the product’s multilevel BOM into a configuration model. Once completed, we just connected the BOM components to the article catalog through the configuration engine and voilà… the foundation is laid.

Import master data for configurable product

Configuration model defines the parameters for article catalog. Once enriched with additional parameters, it can be imported to serve as the base for configurator options.

Build the configurator and test it out

Once the configuration model is complete and the article catalog is imported, it’s time to test the configuration and verify the multilevel BOM output is valid.

Define and design the product layout

Rearrange the configuration model components in the layout editor, add steps and finalize the look & feel.

When finished those 4 steps, the configurator is ready for customers to use.

The final product looks 90% like the original, but it didn’t take us years to build it, but only 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Configurators are all about the experience. Don’t just look the Model S configurator on video. Experience it yourself.

Let the experience speak for itself.
Get access to the live Tesla Model S configurator.

    Configurators like Teslas are usually built to impress the customers and offer them the ultimate experience when researching, configuring and ordering the product from the comfort of their home. 

    When customers configure their product, for example Model S, they already provide all the necessary information about color, wheels, interior and other features. 

    This information is essential for sales team to prepare a quote or order and send BOM in the production. 

    So if the configurators are used in the right way, they have so many benefits for the Sales teams as they can: 

    build a new digital channel for your customers,

    automate the quoting process and create quotes for your customers in a minute,

    offer a configurator to your distributors and dealers and automate the ordering process within your global network and

    integrate orders with ERP or other systems.

    Sell complex products easier, faster and 10x more efficient

    with the SaleSqueze Configuration Platform for manufacturers.

    *Disclosure: Tesla Model S configurator is a showcase and it is not sponsored, administrated or associated with company Tesla, Inc. All the information to build a configurator was obtained on official Tesla website: