SaleSqueze joined the Treecelet project


In the age of advanced information and communication technology, companies are faced with the fact that only technologically modernized operations can provide a competitive advantage and survival on the market.

Paperless business is an ideal that many companies aim to achieve, as it not only a competitive advantage, but also contributes to more sustainable business.

We live in a digital age when we spend most of our working day and leisure time on smart devices that offer a lot of advantages. One of the remarkable advantage of smart devices is document transfer, which makes paperless business possible. Yet, the reality in companies is that most of them still use huge amounts of paper.

The average European consumes 220 kg of paper per year, and the American average is more than 300 kg of paper per resident per year.

The SaleSqueze platform enables paperless sales

In the SaleSqueze team, we are aware of the problem of the excessive paper consumption, especially in sales departments. In the development process of the platform, we focused on the digitization of documents in sales:

  • catalogs, brochures and various printed materials are replaced by an advanced digital catalog containing the entire business logic;
  • printed offers are replaced by the digital offers that customers receive in their email as soon as they complete the product configuration;
  • production work orders no longer travel in physical forms, but integration with production systems allows digital transfers.

Paperless business is just one form of sustainability, but there are many more ways how companies can contribute to more environmentally friendly practices.

We joined the Treecelet project

Treecelet is a Slovenian company that creates a community for planting trees. Reforestation restores wildlife habitats around the world. At the same time, the team is putting a lot of effort into raising awareness about deforestation through social media.

Treecelet is focused on its mission: to plant 1 million trees. They have already planted over 300,000 trees. They are currently planting trees in Slovenia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Haiti, Kenya, Indonesia, Australia, California and in the Amazon rainforest.

As we strive for more sustainable business, we also decided to support the Treecelet project.

We involve our customers in planting trees

We also involve our clients in participating in the Treecelet project. SaleSqueze is committed to plant 20 trees with each newly acquired customer.

All business should consider a long-term approach to sustainability. At the same time, we should all support domestic organizations that protect our planet for a better tomorrow. We have opted for Treecelete, and we also invite you to join the project with good cause. 

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