For tiny house sellers

We help you build a tiny house configurator in 30 days to get more leads and streamline your sales

This offer is for Tiny house sellers who want to digitize and automate their sales process using a visual product configurator to get leads and win clients with much less manual work.

Strategy & onboarding

Guided implementation

No long term commitments

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Strategy & onboarding

Guided implementation

No long term commitments

Used by 100+ businesses globally
The problem

Your tiny houses are popular but hard to sell

Customers can’t easily visualize and customize.
You manually process inquiries and quotes.
Most leads don’t result in sales.
Our solution

We help you build a tiny house configurator with automated sales process to increase your unit sales.

Step 1

Create your tiny house visual configurator

Design your visual tiny house configurator with the SaleSqueze drag-and-drop builder.
Add unit customization, pricing, logic, and constraints.
No technical skill is needed—just select, customize, and go!
We assist, guide, and support you through the process.
Step 2

Add a visualization

You can choose between 4 options to help customers visualize their dream tiny house right on your website.
Images – display the correct image based on the current configuration.
Dynamic 2D – highlight all product features with layered 2D that adapts to configuration.
Dynamic 3D – realistic 3D model with detailed textures and features that adapt to configuration.
Dynamic 360 – beautiful realistic visuals with support for layers to showcase all product features.
Step 3

Integrate configurator with your website

Let your customers design and visualize their dream tiny home by embedding the configurator on your website.
Works with any website – WordPress, HubSpot, custom.
Responsive and easy to integrate.
No programming needed – just copy and paste the integration snippet.
Step 4

Set up quote & sales automation

Automatically capture inquiries with detailed unit configuration and visuals and convert them to quotes instantly.
Automated inquiry processing.
Automated price calculation and PDF quote.
Customer engagement tracking and automated qualification.
Step 5

Close more deals faster

Speed up your sales cycle with automated, interactive quotes. Impress and engage your customers to boost unit sales significantly.
With this offer, you will boost your tiny house unit sales.
SaleSqueze solution designed specifically for tiny house sellers includes: a visual configurator, automated sales system, lead scoring and generation, and seamless lead-to-order process.
Expect to 3x your leads, streamline your sales process, and enhance customer experience, setting you on the path to significantly increasing unit sales.
Avoid the common pitfalls of a lengthy and ineffective sales process. With our tools, you can focus on what matters—helping customers find their dream tiny home and expanding your sales.

Hear from our successful customers

Read how Andrej, Luka, and Marko used product configurator to transform their companies.

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Get the tiny house visual configurator and automated sales system.

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The product configurator automatically converts inquiries into quotes, reducing manual work and allowing you to focus on selling more products.
The product configurator improves the user experience for your customers, making your online presence stand out from the competition.
The product configurator provides a consistent lead generation system that maintains a steady flow of prospects into your sales pipeline, helping you grow your revenues despite the competition.