Amazing buying experience for your windows

Allow your prospects to see, build, inquire for, and buy your products through amazing online product configurator experiences.
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Every customer is a product designer

Include gamification in your sales channel with an engaging product configurator experience that your customers will love.

Put product customization into the hands of your customers and allow them to explore hundreds of options from the comfort of their own homes.

Try our Product Configurator:


Invest in building relationships with customers, not sales administration

No more complex spreadsheets and price recalculations – quotes are automatically prepared and sent out to your customers.

Spend time on revenue-generating activities instead of manual quoting and processing inquiries.


Step in when the customers are ready to close

Track engagement and set your priorities with customer monitoring and scoring. 

Pinpointing leads who have a higher chance of closing means that you always know who to follow up with next.


Close more deals and grow revenue

Finally, you are all set up:

  • Customers are educated
  • Sales team is relieved of admin
  • Leads are prioritized

Invest all of this saved time into closing deals with your customers and experience the SaleSqueze effect!

Getting started is fast and easy

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