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“We installed SaleSqueze configurators and sales system in 2020 and it helped us generate 133m EUR of leads and quotes till date without much work on our side. And we close 1 in 10 consistently.”
— Jaka Hrovat, Garden buildings manufacturer
“We started from 0 and immediately saw a huge return. SaleSqueze automated our inquiry-to-order process. In the first 3 months, our sales team saved 65% of their time and saw 14x more leads – while providing customers with a great visual buying experience.”
— Marko Zunec, Fences manufacturer
“SaleSqueze configurators have simplified our sales process for custom-made interior blinds. We prepare 4x more quotes automatically. We were able to get a lot of new customers and opened a new self-serve sales channel with a 17% lead-to-order conversion.”
— Jozica Zukovec, Shading solutions manufacturer
andrej repse
“We’ve seen results that testify to the visual product configurator’s incredible value and ROI. In the first 3 months, we increased our leads 5x and sales by 40 %.”
— Andrej Repse, Carport manufacturer

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We’ll help you design your Visual Configurator Sales System and help you (finally) figure out your online marketing and sales – before we implement it with you.

This ensures you’ll end up with a high-performing automated sales system for your products with a visual product configurator which will make sure you never run out of leads and make you money (not just burn it).

We are happy to consult you also on your offering, your ads, and your website structure if required (free) in our planning session.

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