For garden room Sellers

We help you build a garden room configurator in 30 days so your customers can visualize the garden room they are buying

This offer is for sellers who want to visually present their garden rooms online using a product configurator and win more clients with less manual work.

Loved by garden room sellers

Does this sound familiar?

“I’m struggling because my potential customers don’t know how the garden room will look in the end.”
“My sales process lacks visual tools to help customers make confident decisions.”
“My online presence isn’t standing out, leading to lower sales.”

We hear those things every day. We know you are struggling,
and we have a solution for you—a garden room configurator. 

With our garden room configurator, you will get:

1. Garden room configurator

Customers can see and customize their garden rooms directly on your website. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting, reducing endless questions and emails.

2. Instant price calculation

Forget manual calculations—get accurate prices automatically.

3. Automated quotes preparation

The platform automatically prepares quotes, cutting down on errors and saving you time.

4. Automatic lead qualification

Easily identify serious leads so you can focus on the ones ready to purchase.

How to get started

Setting this system up is incredibly easy and straightforward. Here’s how to get started now:

01 – Book a free strategy session

Schedule a call to review your sales process and discover how garden room configurator can improve it.

02 – Create a configurator

Collaborate with us to design a beautiful visual configurator for your garden room with 2D or 3D visuals.

03 – Integrate it into your website

Seamlessly add the configurator to your website for immediate customer use.

04 – Set up quote automation

Automate pricing and quotes to provide instant & accurate quotes to your customers.

05 – Close more deals faster

Focus on closing deals with qualified leads and a streamlined sales process.

Offer tailored to your needs

With this offer, you will get:

Enhanced visualization

Allow customers to see and customize their garden room online, providing a clear understanding of the final product and reducing uncertainty.

Automated quotes

Generate accurate quotes instantly, saving time and eliminating manual errors.

Increased leads generation

A consistent lead generation system ensures a steady flow of prospects into your sales pipeline.

Improved customer experience

A user-friendly configurator and visual presentation of products enhance the overall customer experience.

Streamlined sales process

Automate manual tasks, allowing you to focus on closing more deals and growing your revenue.


The visual configurator automates price calculations and quote generation, saving you time and making the process smoother.

Customers can instantly see and customize their garden room on your site, making it more engaging and unique than competitors with static catalogs.

Yes, by automating your sales process, handling more leads efficiently, and providing a better customer experience, you gain a competitive edge.

Our auto-qualification feature helps you focus on serious buyers, speeding up your response time and turning more leads into sales.

Our subscription starts at €6,000 annually and scales with your sales growth, ensuring it remains affordable as your business expands.

Your next step

Free strategy session

We’ll analyze your current sales process and show you how a visual garden room configurator improves it. We’ll also set a timeline for going live with the configurator in 30 days.

We only offer 5 strategy sessions per month.