Blinds solutions manufacturer

Blinds solutions manufacturer made 380% more quotes with the configurator

Ajda Hafner, Marketing Manager at SaleSqueze
December 16, 2021

Dekor sencila is a Slovenian company specializing in manufacturing and installing blinds solutions. Their assortment includes several shading solutions, such as external and internal blinds, shutters, pleated curtains, internal roller blinds, panel curtains, awnings, and pergolas. 

What were the problems that blinds solutions manufacturer faced?

One of the popular product at Dekor senčila are pleated curtains. The customers can use several sales channels to buy pleated curtains – by phone, mail, or as a direct sale to the end consumer in the furniture store. 

Dekor senčila received inquiries for their direct sales to the end consumer via a form on their website. For each completed form, sales staff had to manually create a quote in the ERP system. Because the products are configurable, the price is not unambiguously determined. The issuance of quotes could not be easily automated and the preparation of quotes was difficult to work.

Especially during high season, they failed to respond to online inquiries in time, causing them to lose opportunities and create dissatisfaction among customers who received an offer too late or did not receive it at all. They were searching for a solution that would help them meet the demands or automatically generate quotes.

The inquiry form

Obrazec za povpraševanje pred konfiguratorjem

Unqualified potential customers

 The potential customer waits for the offer up to 14 days

Customers do not know what features to choose from

Customers can not visualize the final product

Poor user experience

At the company Dekor senčila, they were aware of the problem that they had – processing larger amounts of inquiries for pleated curtains via a simplified inquiry form. They decided to replace the online form for pleated curtains with a web configurator.

Web configurator

Konfigurator SaleSqueze - prikaz delovanja

Qualified potential customers

The customer makes an offer by himself in 5 minutes

The visual display makes it easier to imagine the final product

Customers can freely research the company’s offer

Superior user experience

Cooperation between Dekor senčila and SaleSqueze

We started cooperating with the Dekor senčila company in October 2019. In the initial part of the cooperation, SaleSqueze sales professionals identified the problems that they had with their online sales of pleated curtains through conversations with the company’s director Jožica Žukovec. Based on the obtained information, we prepared a draft solution, which contained a web configurator. Together with the company Dekor senčila we precisely defined the customer journey via the configurator. 

After their approval of the draft configurator, the SaleSqueze execution team began developing a custom configurator, and in parallel, the employees of Dekor senčila began preparing their materials. Members of the Dekor senčila team prepared samples of materials, the business logic of the product, a presentation video of pleated curtains installation, and the information for the payment systems. We guided and helped them along with the preparation of the materials.

It took us 45 days to build the Configurator for Dekor senčila. When the Configurator was ready, the testing phase began. At the beginning of this phase, we tested the tool within the SaleSqueze team, and in the second part, we handed over the tool to the company’s employees for them to test it. In the testing phase, it is necessary to check if the calculation of prices is correct, the visual design of the product, and the correct operation of the payment system.

We solved the problem with SaleSqueze Configurator

We solved the problem of the Dekor senčila company by implementing the SaleSqueze tool. Through the SaleSqueze  product configurator, customers can now independently research the offer of pleated curtains online. Any change to the pleated curtains is visually displayed via a 2-D render. When configuring pleated curtains, the price is calculated in real-time, so the customer is informed of the final price of the product.

Once a customer configures their desired pleated curtains, they can save the prepared offer that they receive via email, and the draft offer is saved into the SaleSqueze system.

The Configurator offers the option for customers to complete their purchase with the payment. If the customer expresses interest in paying, the configurator redirects them to the PayPal payment page. After the payment has been made the customer receives an order confirmation to his email address. At the same time, the order is saved to the SaleSqueze system.

Within the web configurator of pleated curtains, we have also included a video that clearly shows how the customer can install the pleated curtains by themself. Because the installation of pleated curtains is very easy, the customer can choose an option to install them on their own, otherwise, they are going to be installed by specialists.

With the SaleSqueze Configurator, we have fully automated their online sales channel, which handles all business opportunities, and customers are very satisfied due to the superior user experience.

The blind solutions manufacturer has experienced the SaleSqueze effect!

  • 287 inquiries within 8 months without marketing input
  • The quote-to-payment conversion in the configurator is 16%
  • 380% more quotes in only 3 months in comparison to the previous year, when quotes were prepared manually

With the implementation of the web configurator, the company Dekor senčila awoke an inactive online sales channel, through which they obtained established and instructed contacts.

Without substantial marketing support and employee involvement, they received 287 inquiries from March 2020 to November 2020, of which 16% completed their purchase with the payment within the configurator.  The remaining demand was completed by the sales team with a personal approach.

The configurator was also extremely helpful during the epidemic when the installation at the customer’s home was restricted or disabled. The configurator made it possible for them to make online sales and increased them by 13% compared to the previous year. This compensated for the outage due to the installation ban. 

Satisfied customer experience

“The SaleSqueze Configurator has simplified our sales process for custom-made interior blinds. The automatic offer generator helped us prepare almost 4 times more offers for plush curtains compared to the previous year when we prepared all offers manually. We attained new customers and opened a new sales channel without abundant marketing support. The configurator offers many opportunities for further development and inclusion of our other products, as it supports the sale of products that are configurable and custom-made. Working with SaleSqueze has been creative, as the whole team is propulsive, flexible, and offers a lot of creative ideas and solutions.”

— Jožica Žukovec, CEO

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