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SaleSqueze aims to redefine the global CPQ landscape by providing the first entirely self-service CPQ platform for sellers of complex products. We empower business to simplify complex sales processes with beautiful product visualization and ease of use.

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Partnership and investment from EIT Manufacturing

SaleSqueze recognized as one of the “10 Most Promising Startups in Slovenia in 2023”

SaleSqueze Among Top 5 Slovenian Startups of the Year 2022

Meet the team

At SaleSqueze, our team of industry experts and technology enthusiasts is passionate about helping manufacturers succeed. With deep manufacturing, sales, and marketing knowledge, we create an innovative CPQ platform for selling complex products and providing exceptional visual experiences.

Leon Panjtar
CEO & Co-Founder
Tilen Tomakić
CTO & Co-Founder
Eva Rebič
Chief of Staff
Ajda Hafner
Tomaž Grosman
Account Executive
Vesna Drofenik Pančić
Product Marketing Specialist
Ema Kolenko
Marketing Assistant
Katja Stržinar
UX/UI Designer
Groga Tancek
Product Design Specialist
Matej Gorjanc
Senior Product Developer
Matej Mulej
Senior Product Developer
Sašo Bizjak
Senior Customer Success Specialist
Nejc Panjan
Senior Customer Success Specialist
Dejan Pajsar
Customer Success Specialist
Gašper Potočnik
Customer Success Intern
Katja Šubic
Office Manager

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