We are SaleSqueze

We are really passionate about helping and supporting manufacturing companies and their employees to thrive in order processing.


Our vision is to become the largest platform for automating and growing sales with a global sales data warehouse and an AI-backed service to predict ideal sales scenarios, deal outcomes, and buying patterns shared among markets and customer segments.


Our mission is to provide companies the best tools, knowledge, and support that allow them to remove manual and complicated sales and marketing bottlenecks from their sales process, discover new business models, and reach 3-figure growth.



Our most important value is growth. It is not only the growth of SaleSqueze but also the growth of our customers. It means improvements in all company’s functions. It represents the career and personal growth of the entire SaleSqueze team. 

Team work

We are big advocates of teamwork, as the mentality prevails that only through collaboration can we achieve the best results. Not only the excellent cooperation within the SaleSqueze team is important, but also the cooperation with customers and partners.


Innovation is the driving force for the further development of the SaleSqueze tool and the processes within the organization. We strive to approach innovative methods in everything we do.


We always strive for superior quality. But not only the quality of the SaleSqueze tool but how it enriches the work of sales departments and brings more quality results. This value must be pursued in all business processes and relationships.

The team

We share the common vision, mission and values of our product, partners and our community. We are using innovation to build and deploy systems that help our customers and partners succeed.

Leon Panjtar
Co-Founder & CEO

Tilen Tomakić
Co-Founder & CTO

Eva Primožič
Chief of Staff

Ajda Hafner
Marketing Manager

Groga Tancek
Product Design Specialist

Borut Glavina
Account Executive

Nejc Selan
Customer Success Specialist

Matej Gorjanc
Senior Product Developer

Sašo Bizjak
Customer Success Specialist

Jakob Zarnik
Customer Success Specialist

Nejc Panjan
Product Developer


Klemen Peternel
Board Member, Advisor

Co-founder and CEO at Kalmia & Authtrail

Sell complex products easier, faster and 10x more efficient

with the SaleSqueze Configuration Platform for manufacturers.