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We specialize in Visual CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions designed specifically for manufacturers. We offer a digital way to sell complex products, making the process simple, visual, and self-serve for your sales team, partners, and customers.

Milestones we are proud of

We have made significant strides in our journey toward success. Read about the most notable achievements.

Partnership and investment from EIT Manufacturing
Recognition as one of the “10 Most Promising Startups in Slovenia in 2023”
Among Top 5 Nominees for the Slovenian Startup of the Year 2022
SaleSqueze raised initial investment to skyrocket the growth

Discover our unique identity


Empowering digitalization of complex sales.


we’re driving the future of complex sales with a visual, digital, and self-serve approach. Our mission is to provide manufacturers with a comprehensive CPQ platform, delivering stunning experiences and ease of use to enable remarkable growth.



We prioritize growth as a fundamental value. This encompasses the continuous improvement of SaleSqueze and the success of our customers. We strive for progress in all areas of our company and foster the professional and personal growth of our entire team.


We strongly believe in the power of teamwork. Collaboration is essential to achieving the best results within our dedicated SaleSqueze team and through effective cooperation with our valued customers and partners.


Innovation drives us forward. We embrace the spirit of innovation in all aspects of our work, constantly seeking innovative methods to advance the SaleSqueze tool and refine our organizational processes.


We are dedicated to uncompromising quality. This applies not only to the SaleSqueze tool but also to how it enhances sales departments and delivers superior results. We prioritize quality in all our processes and relationships.

The team

At SaleSqueze, our team of industry experts and technology enthusiasts is passionate about helping manufacturers succeed. With deep manufacturing, sales, and marketing knowledge, we create innovative CPQ platform for selling complex products and provide exceptional visual experiences.

Leon Panjtar
Co-Founder & CEO

Tilen Tomakić
Co-Founder & CTO

Eva Primožič
Chief of Staff

Ajda Hafner
Marketing Manager

Groga Tancek
Product Design Specialist

Nejc Selan
Customer Success Specialist

Matej Gorjanc
Senior Product Developer

Sašo Bizjak
Customer Success Specialist

Dejan Pajsar
Customer Success Specialist

Nejc Panjan
Product Developer


Enable digital sales for your company and customers.

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