Let buyers build, price and order complex products online

SaleSqueze Configuration Platform helps manufacturers sell complex products online with a self-service build & price experience for buyers, agents, dealers and distributors.

Product configurators for all your products in a few clicks.

Buyers can build and price your products online, visualize what they’ve built, and get an instant price quote or place an order.

No-Code Product Configurators

Automated quoting and ordering

70%+ sales hours saved every day

ERP quote and order integration

less emails
time saved
order value
orders processed

Streamline your ordering and order processing

Keep all your B2B quotes and orders in a single platform that is synced with your ERP. Automatically send orders through your existing process in the ERP and keep customers updated on the progress. All without having to enter data manually, constantly reply to emails and spend time making phone calls.

How does SaleSqueze work?

A self-service ordering platform your customers love to use

Easy, fast and available 24/7. Even on weekends, holidays and at night. Support for product configuration and spare parts orders synced with your ERP and available online with all product information.
Any language. Any time zone. Anywhere.
Configuration, variations, parts and claims
Instant quotes to error-free orders
24/7 access to all product and orders info

Ordering products is easy and fast.

Head of Sales, Industrial Components Manufacturer

A 360° order processing platform for your sales team

Eliminate spreadsheets, ditch order emails, and put down the phone. Watch orders appear and get processed in your ERP while you focus on helping customers buy more.
Eliminate spreadsheets, emails and telephone calls
Remove double manual work
Increase employee satisfaction
No more long hours and burnouts

We reduced order processing time by 70%.

Uros Krek, Founder and CEO, Hausmart

Goodbye manual order processing, hello growth!

SaleSqueze replaces non-value-adding activities with built-in workflows and tight ERP integration. So you achieve more with less work and become easier to buy from.
All products and configuration logic in one place
The order process is automated and synced with the ERP
Cross-sell, up-sell & offer more options
Lower costs, increase accuracy & margins

We get 90% fewer emails from our customers.

Luka Ambrozic, Head of Sales, Elaphe

SaleSqueze works hand-in-hand
with your ERP

SaleSqueze connects with your ERP and order process with one goal – to enter orders automatically and sync the status and order info for the customer to see. So you don’t have to do it manually.
Capture every order, in real-time

All your sales data (orders, POs, and quotes) automatically appear in your ERP.

Adopt processes quickly

Using their existing tools, your team can adopt new streamlined processes quickly.

Communicate better

Share synced confirmations, updates, delivery notes, and invoices with your customers.

Manufacturers change for the better with SaleSqueze

Trusted by leading manufacturers

Sell complex products easier, faster and 10x more efficient

with the SaleSqueze Configuration Platform for manufacturers.

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