Visual CPQ for complex product sellers

Let’s make your product sales visual

SaleSqueze helps you design visual product configurators and automate quote preparation so your customers can see what they are buying and instantly get a price.

Loved by 100+ complex product sellers

How SaleSqueze works

Step 1

Create your configurator

Using our intuitive drag&drop interface, you can design visual product configurators that your customers will love. No technical skill is needed—just select, customize, and go!

Step 2

Distribute effortlessly

Make your configurators available everywhere. Integrate seamlessly on your website for B2C interactions or through portals for B2B engagements with just a link.

Step 3

Automate quoting

Convert inquiries to quotes instantly. Automate your quote preparation and manage your sales pipeline efficiently without manual intervention.

Step 4

Close more deals faster

Speed up your sales cycle with automated, interactive quotes. Impress and engage your customers to boost close rates significantly.

Customers’ amazing results

Generate up to
478% more leads

Automate quoting to
handle 100% of inquiries

Reduce sales admin
tasks by 90%

Increase sales
by 40%

Seamless system connections

Easily integrate SaleSqueze CPQ with your existing IT infrastructure. We support out-of-the-box connections to major CRM and ERP systems through Zapier and N8N.

Hear directly from our customers

Hear how Andrej, Marko, and Jaka transformed their operations using SaleSqueze CPQ.

Make your sales digital, visual, and self-service today.

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