The ultimate guide to configure price quote

Companies that market complex products are usually so focused on production processes that they neglect the customer-facing side of the business. As a result, they end up delivering a poor buying experience, which can scare away qualified leads and cost them sales deals.

Not everything is lost. There’s a solution that improves customer experience, connects your internal systems (CRM, ERP), and ensures you can close deals in a shorter amount of time while building strong relationships with your customers.

This e-book will explore sales CPQ (configure price quote) software to see how it facilitates a more immersive sales experience for customers and offers companies a higher return on investment.

Things you’ll learn:

  • What benefits CPQ brings to your business
  • The importance of product catalog and how to simplify business logic without burning out your employees
  • Why flat catalog is not enough and how to streamline sales-to-production process
  • The best CPQ systems out there

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