SaleSqueze partners with Dever

SaleSqueze partners with Dever for enhanced 3D product visualization

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Dever, a company specializing in interactive 3D technology. This alliance aims to integrate Dever’s sophisticated interactive 3D visualization capabilities into SaleSqueze’s product configurator platform, enhancing the digital customization experience for customers.

About Dever

Dever, a Slovenian company, excels in the field of interactive 3D visualization. Their expertise lies in creating detailed, interactive 3D experiences for various applications. Dever’s proficiency in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Web GL technologies makes them an ideal partner for organizations seeking to enhance their digital offerings with high-quality, lifelike 3D content.

Advantages of 3D technology in product visualization

The incorporation of interactive 3D visualization into product configurators offers several key benefits:

Improved customer interaction: 3D models enable customers to examine products more thoroughly, providing a realistic and comprehensive viewing experience

Enhanced customization and precision: interactive 3D technology allows for accurate and detailed product customizations, catering to individual customer preferences.

Boost in customer engagement and sales: Interactive 3D models have been proven to heighten customer interest and increase the likelihood of purchase, as they offer a more engaging and informative browsing experience

We at SaleSqueze firmly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve greater innovation. Our partnership with Dever marks a significant milestone in this journey. By joining forces, we are not just enhancing our product configurator platform; we are setting a new industry standard in interactive 3D visualization. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing our customers with the most advanced and immersive digital customization experiences. Together with Dever, we are excited to usher in a new era of customer engagement and digital excellence.

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