Visual CPQ for garage door manufacturers

Digital way to sell your garage doors

Make buying garage doors simple, visual, and self-serve to generate new leads and convert them to customers in no time.

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Used by 100+ manufacturers globally

Digitalize garage door sales
for amazing results

Automate quoting
to generate

more quotes

Enable customer
self-service for

less sales admin

Offer visual buying
experiences for

faster order processing

Make sales more
productive to close

more deals

Sales of garage doors don’t need to be so hard

Move away from phone and e-mail to acquire and process inquiries.
Generate new leads via visual and self-service configurator.
Make your garage doors simple to configure and order.
Overcome competitors by quoting and selling faster.
Achieve higher profitability and increase your margins.

SaleSqueze CPQ makes selling simple, visual, and self-serve

Use beautiful garage door configurators across your digital channels to convert inquiries into quotes automatically and let salespeople focus on closing the deals.
Achieve instant clarity on orders for buyers and sellers
Decrease quote preparation time from days to minutes
Differentiate and outperform the competitors
Improve sales efficiency and increase profitability

UK Garage door manufacturer achieved amazing results with SaleSqueze

Increased sales qualified leads by 371%.
Improved conversion rate to 7%.
425% drop in the cost of acquiring a new customer.
Automating online sales channels, getting back time for building valuable relationships.

Hear directly leaders in garage door industry

Read the story of Simon – the digital transformation leader in garage door manufacturing.
Garage door manufacturer
“After implementing the Garage door configurator, we made our sales digital, visual, and self-service. This resulted in increased sales while decreasing the cost of acquiring new customers—a win-win situation.
— Simon Sturman, Founder and CEO, Birkdale Manufacturing Group Limited

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Garage door manufacturer increased lead generation by 371%
Enable digital sales for your company and customers.

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