Order processing in manufacturing is manual and time-consuming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Receiving orders from customers

You are working in manufacturing sales. The whole team is talented, ambitious, and hard-working, but you’re using outdated tools, like spreadsheets, emails, phone, and old-fashioned pen-and-paper. Although these tools might work well for simple orders, they’re just not made for the complex configurations manufacturers offer. You  need to work for these tools – they don’t work for you.

Why not bridge the gap between customers’ unique requirements and the complex logic that rules an order processing platform?

Before switching to SaleSqueze

Receiving orders via email and phone.

After switching to SaleSqueze

Receiving orders via B2B ordering platform.

Business logic

Once the customer’s unique requirements are hand over, it’s time to prepare the order. Business logic is all over the place. It’s stored in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, printed catalogs or in some cases you know it by heart. Therefore, order preparation in time-consuming and the risk of errors is high.

Why don’t you store business logic in one system?

Before switching to SaleSqueze

Product business logic in Excel and printed catalogs.

After switching to SaleSqueze

All product business logic in one place.

Enter Orders into ERP

Manual order entry in the ERP is a daily routine of sales teams in many companies.  You probably don’t like the 90’s interface of the ERP, and it takes forever to enter an order with 460 line items or a configurable product with 56 attributes and options. 

Can you imagine you’d never have to manually enter orders in the ERP again?

Before switching to SaleSqueze

Manually entering orders in ERP.

After switching to SaleSqueze

Orders are synced directly into ERP. 


Communication with customers

Customers are the heart of your business. You’d like to offer them the best service, but day-to-day communication takes a huge amount of your valuable time. 

What if customers are so well informed and confident that you can finally escape all those emails and calls?

Before switching to SaleSqueze

100s of emails about orders, confirmations, updates, delivery notes and invoices. 

After switching to SaleSqueze

Live order status updates and documents, available 24/7.

Make B2B ordering easier, faster and 10x more productive

with all-in-one ordering and order processing platform for manufacturers.